Customer               : Mr. Khoi

Year                        : 2019 –

Location                  : Southwest region of Vietnam

Ground floor area   : 55.7 m2

Levels                     : 1


A sponsor wishes to popularize a model of charity house in the Southwest region of Vietnam. It is a home suitable for a small family (from 3-4 people, a family with one parent or only grandparents and grandchildren) with a constrained budget at 50 million Vietnamese Dongs (~ $ 2173)

According to the budget constrain, our fisrt step is to redefine what is “a minimum living space”? It should be considered which living space is really necessary to cover and which one is unnecessary. Because the exterior walls which are the shell of the house greatly affects the construction cost

Description of housing model

The experiment model is located in a vacant land, which can be used for cultivation.

We divide the living space into 2 areas:

  1. a) Core zone: Where protection and privacy are needed: sleeping, bathing, storing assets, …
  2. b) Buffer zone: Where activities do not need privacy: living space, eating, cooking, studying, working, playing, …

The core zone is the only the space that needs enclosed walls.

The buffer zone is a semi open space, only needs a roof. The architectural form of the house is similar and integrates with the local architecture. One-sided slope roof is used instead of two sides saves the cost of gutter (which collects the rainwater for reused purpose).

Around the buffer zone are local vines trusses, green vegetables which are not only a nature cooling system, preventing heat and rain but also provide food for the family and create an environmentally friendly space. The house is well ventilated, full of natural light and helps recylce the rainwater for washing, watering.


Author: CTA Ngày đăng :27 May, 2020

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