Customer               : Mr. Hong Anh

Year                       : 2019

Location                 : Bien Hoa, Dong Nai

Ground floor area  : 207.7 m2

Levels                    : 2

Builder                   : Viet Tin Phuc Co., Ltd

Photo                    : Hiroyuki Oki

  • According to recently published scientific researches, indoor air quality is more polluted than the air outside. Therefore, most of our discussions with the client point to the idea of a house which is able to ‘breathe’ 24/7 by itself. Through the design process, the Wall house was shaped gradually: A house is made up of eight separate spaces surrounded by ordinary walls. These eight blocks are interspersed and intersect at a common space, which is formed by the ‘breathing walls’.The ‘breathing wall’ was consists of 2 elements:
    • The open wall system with Burnt-defective bricks is the first layer to prevent pollution entering from the outside environment. This protection shell is made of hollow bricks that are lined up in the opposite direction of the conventional method of construction. With such arrangement, these hollow bricks afford a circulation of fresh air and natural light into the house.
    • The garden space is a second layer to prevent the negative impact of the external environment on the living space inside. The abundance of greenery helps to clean the air and creates an effective buffer zone.

    Together, these two protection layers are equivalent to a normal wall but the important difference being they ensure the circulation of air and light, resulting in a healthier living space.



Author: CTA Ngày đăng :27 May, 2020

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